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Springville Spashpad

This is by far my favorite splashpad to go to! It not only has the traditional splashpad area but also has a river!



My kids love the river. It’s pretty long and there is even a waterfall.


The kids love to bring toys to put in it to follow it “down the river”.  We even seen kids with homemade boats out of a pool noodle.  Clever!


We happen to have our scooters in the car so my little insisted on riding it through it.

There is a nice park there as well.


Definitely a good area to play and dry off!

We always take our bag of goodies and drinks plus lawn chairs for us old ladies to sit on. Oh and of course our favorite smoothie 😉😆


We sure love our photo bombers!

If you haven’t went to the splash pad you need too! Its right on main street in the middle of town by the fire department!

~Brooke (& Brianna) 🍒


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