Simplifying Life

Surviving long trips!

So driving around for 43 hours in the car how did we do it?


Entertainment and snacks!

We have a dvd player in our car which is a good start to survival.  I like to buy the dvds with the blu-ray and regular dvd in them so I can put the regular dvd in my car case. Then I kept my blu-ray in the house.


My kids also have their own tablets and headphones! Headphones are a must- plus keeps them super quiet and no fighting…..yay! They choose their own show to watch from their downloaded Netflix selection. Which I LOVE to be able to do the downloads. Brillant idea!


Snacks, snacks, snacks and more snacks!


My go to ideas are :

Tubes of chips (no crushing chips)

Fruit snacks


Mini muffins in individual bags


Applesauce pouches

Crackers in the box


Then I went to the bulk section at Winco and got small bags of candies. Fishes, creme wafers and peach rings.

Then of course a cooler with juice boxes, capri suns and water. I took some healthy snacks as well- cucumbers cut up, grapes and raspberries.


Then I grab different flavors of mixes to add to the bottles of water.

My non food musts are-

Paper towels



Hand sanitizer

Garbage bags (large for dirty laundry and small for garbage in car)


Sorry I have no solution to not have so much laundry though 😉

Another nice idea is leaving early enough they sleep in the car a couple of hours!


Happy Travels!

~Brooke 🍒


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