Activities for kids

Science Time

My kids love doing science experiments so when I was scanning FB the other day we came across a video of one they wanted to try….. foaming volcanos.

Actually easy to pull together quickly. Just needed household items,  all of which I had on hand.


Baking soda

Dish soap

Food coloring

Cups/spoons and pan


We took our supplies outside. Added the vinegar with food coloring in a cup on the pan. Added some dish soap and stirred well. Slowly started adding baking soda.


Thats when the magic happens. It starts foaming over. Add more soda and stir.


The kids loved it so we decided to try a larger container.


Even more fun! Plus fun to play in afterward!


Easy science experiment to throw together and easy clean up. Grab the hose and done!

Another experiment my kids like to do is the naked egg.  Add an egg in a container of vinegar and it slowly eats the shell off.


You can help the process by rubbing the shell.


Fun to play with but easy to break so be careful!


Go get your science on 😀



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