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End of Year Gifts

Coming up on the end of year and we need simple gift ideas to throw together! We put together this cheap gift for our preschool teachers :


Grapped some gardening gloves and watering cans from the dollar store.

Our preschool is large with several classes going on so we like to include all the teachers. And with this being a cheap gift its makes it easy to include everyone  😀


Added the gloves to the watering can with a rafia bow but it needed more.


Added a cute flower to it and perfect. Next up a cute tag.


We printed up our own version of helping us grow but you can get similar tags here:

You can do this with our idea or with a plant/planter of some sort.

For example these cute succulents are a great gift idea.


My friend put together cookie mixes last night and added this cute tag:

Turned out super cute! Printed up nice and had a spot for your kid to sign.

This is an easy tag to add to any type of candy, we added it to a Sip’n gift card for the people you need to thank for helping out all year (bus drivers, people who help with rides, ect):

Get your gifting on and thanks those who help with your kids all school year!

~Brooke and Brianna


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