Activities for kids · Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is coming up….. are you prepared?  We have a couple simple ideas for you if you don’t! We took the teacher appreciation gift and added a mother’s day spin to it.


For starters we love these planners. Super cute and we LOVE organization. So things to help keep us organized in life always catch our eyes. The inside of these are useful and cute.


Weekly list, post its and even an envelope.


Add a cute tag and done! You can find these cute planners at JoAnns for only $10. Simple,cheap and easy. Our motto 😊

Now for a cheap idea that is more complex (messy😁)…..

I found these kits at the Tractor Supply Store for only $5!


So I decided I would give them a try. There are kits on Amazon too. But all are more expensive than the $5 kit I found.


It comes with everything you need. I started off with doing the first one to see how fast I need to mix it. I didn’t want it to set up on the kids. It was actually easy to mix (but messy) and had plenty of time so I let them help on the 2nd one.


Teamwork….. after you mix you tap it on the counter to get the bubbles out.


Next up hand prints and add names/ dates if you want.


Then you are suppose to wait 24 hours to take it out and paint it. My kids were impatient so we painted them in the containers.  Which actually worked good because it came out with clean edges.


Cheap gift if you want to make a mess. However wonderful grandma idea!

~Brooke and Brianna 🌼⚘🌹


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