Teacher Appreciation

Teacher appreciation is upon us again. I as the room mom get the privilege of decorating the teacher’s door. There are so many ideas out there on Pinterest! I have been planning mine for awhile.


I started collecting Scarecrows when they went on clearance after the fall season.  Easy decoation for cheap. I think some I paid 10 cents for. By that time they was marked down 90%.


So the door idea was pretty simple. Just am easy hat and face. I like the 3D effect of adding fake flowers to it. It ended up being so perfect that Mrs. Andrews was Dorothy for Halloween. It worked so well for my theme 🙂



I had each kid fill out a paper as to what thet loved about her.


I made a box for her to collect any goodies or gift she may recieve in the process.


We made a simple yet useful gift for her. I love paper products. And organization.


You can find this tag and other ideas here.

If you are looking for a cheap but fun gift idea these candy bar tags are adorable!

I found the cute ribbon and pencil clip one day in the dollar section at Target. Who doesn’t love Target?!?!

Good luck on your teacher appreciation endeavors!

~Brooke 🍒


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