How was everyone’s Easter?  Ours was great. Just a run down of a few our traditions or must have basket items. Do you have traditions or items you put in your basket every year?

Our go to at both houses are rain boots(the perfect shoe all summer!!), umbrellas,  and swim suits.


There are so many cute ones out there. Once I saw the motorcycle/atv ones I had to have them. And an umbrella to match, perfect 😀

We like to put their items in tbe umbellas and use it like a basket.


Easy basket idea. We still have our traditional baskets at our house we put out the night before in hopes the bunny will fill it up if we leave a treat for him.


I bought our baskets from pottery barn and use them every year.  Bigger expense at the beginning but can reuse for all their years. Plus I love anything pottery barn.


I tend to like to have themes for my items. My 4 year old is big into sharks so it was easy to gravitate towards that theme. My 7 year old is totally into pokeman, also another easy theme to accomplish.

I found things even down to the eggs. I decided on pokeman balls vs traditional eggs and he loved it!


My bunny usually leaves a trail of some sort and I found these cute stickers on Amazon.

And then to keep the fighting at bay we both use notes to separate the kids’ egg hunts. That way the littles have a chance to get eggs too.

Always a fun holiday! Lastly the local bakery in town offered personalized cookies and I am all about personalized so I took advantage of that!


So local peeps watch out for the fun holiday items from the V sisters bakery.

And top off your morning with a cute yet simple breakfast.


~Brooke 🐰🐰


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