End of Year Ideas!

End of the school year is coming up quick! I have put together some of my ideas in case you wanted to start new traditions with your kids πŸ˜€


I love photos and anything to make good photo ideas. I always love buying cute shirts. This shirt I bought so we can take pictures every year in – unless he out grows an adult large πŸ˜† This is perfect for a unique photo. And a one time purchase. The best part is the back side of it!


It has a spot for handprints each grade. Glad I grabbed this last year to start right on track for my then kindergartener. Β Then I went ahead and grabbed one for my preschooler so we can start now!


Defiantly fun to start even if we don’t get to do handprints….yet!


If you want to grab this cute shirt go the shop on etsy called graciejdesignsetsy.


Next up end of year review books.


This goes through kindergarten to senior year. Just a cute little review that you do at the end of year. Super fun to see the answers they come up with.


I grabbed these ones on groopdealz last year so maybe they will pop up again now that it is getting close.

Lastly most of you have probably seen this idea.


The Places you’ll go book signed by the child’s teacher ever year. I love this idea! I picked up these a few years ago on Zulily with the special outer case to help keep the book nice. However you can grab a regular book anywhere….book stores…


So glad I started this for Kaden’s first year of preschool and get to start with Kayson’s first year. However if you didn’t start this their first year you can start now! Will make a fun memory no matter when you start!

~Brooke ❀


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