St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun traps

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, have you made your leprechaun traps?

Making leprechaun traps doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it is such a fun activity for the kids to do and express their creativity.

I just placed a bunch of supplies on the table and gave the kids some boxes and let them go to town on their designs

As you can see my oldest is focusing very hard on this because he is determined to catch the leprechaun.


We added some gold garlands to our boxes to help attract the leprechauns, as well as signs that say free gold, the kids also made ladders to help the leprechauns climb in.

Then we added a bunch of shiny grasses to the inside for a soft landing for the little guy.

I just love to see how creative the kids can get while making these.

So there you have it, our easy leprechaun traps.


We also had fun making traps!


A little stuff does go a long way with creativity!

Kaden had the idea to add a 2nd compartment to officially trap our lephrachaun! We added some incentive to go in there! Gold dollars!


We sure hope he gets stuck in there!

Good luck catching your leprechaun!

Brooke ☘🍀


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