Simplifying Life

Changing Mom’s Lives

Who loves grocery shopping with kids???

Ya I figured most answered no! I think grocery shopping with no kids is like a vacation! Well I have heard about the Rosie app and ordering groceries through that app with Macey’s, however had not committed to trying it out.  Boy I was missing out on a new mom lifesaver!


I tried it for the first time 2 weeks ago and I think its going to be my new way to grocery shop from here on out.

So first up download the app. Then you can set your store.  Then you can “shop” at the store. My favorite part- just adding things in my cart when I realize I need them or when I run out of things. I started a new cart after my last trip and the items stay in there until you purchase.


My hardest part was deciding on a day to make sure I was there. You have to pick a day and an hour time frame that you can pick it up. They get it all ready and you show up in the designated parking area.


When you show up you call the number and give them your confirmation number. They bring it right to you- only took about 5 minutes for them to come out!


Best $1.99 spent……. seriously!

If you have not tried this out you need to. Timesaver for us busy moms!

~~Brooke & Brianna


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