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Classroom Parties!

Who helps with their kid’s classroom parties?

As I have mentioned I am the room mom for my son’s class. Well because Valentine’s falls on a Tuesday I was unable to help in the classroom for the party itself however helped with preparation of it.  We had 4 stations for the kids to go to.

First up cupid floats!

I am sure the kids loved it.

Next station was an arrow game.

Brianna helped with her daughter’s classroom as well and decided on this game too.


Here it is in action! My version below.


Super easy to throw together!

Next up a craft time!

Easy craft for the kids with a Valentine’s theme!

And lastly decorating cookies!


We buy premade cookie kits from our local baker! The V sisters. They have everything included and ready to go. Easy for busy moms to order and have all ready. Brianna and I have used them several times!

Seems how I wasn’t able to go in and I put together some items for each one with a cute thank you treat!


I love being able to help with the class! And I appreciate those moms who take the time to do so also!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

♡♡ Brooke


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