Valentines round up

Its the weekend before Valentine’s Day!!

Do your kiddos have their valentines ready to go?!?  Don’t stress if you haven’t gotten around to it, we have put together a handful of super easy and very inexpensive ideas to say I ❤ you.

I just love that Valentine’s Day is a day to remind us to show how much someone means to us & we should take the time to let our kids and spouses know just how much we truly love them.
As you may have read in our previous post earlier last week we shared with you how to make these adorable Sip Sip Hooray gifts.  Simply get your kids favorite drinks and tie the tag to them. 

You can even add some fun straws to make these even cuter.

Here we have our kids nacho Valentine’s, this was so easy for the kids to put together, we purchased a large case of nachos from Amazon and make small tags that say “Nacho average valentine” then just have the kiddos write their names on and staple. Yep that easy!!

I like to put mine in easy bags for the kids to carry into the school since they don’t want me to walk them to their classes 😢

Another idea are these little shovels that I purchased from Amazon they come with red pink and white, and they also have the cute little stickers that you can add to the shovel.

You could just tie some cute ribbon around these and give them as is.

Or you could place them in a bag with some candy like these 

Who doesn’t love those valentine candy corns!!

Here we have our teachers gifts

We printed off these Redbox tags, and added them to some boxes of candy, who doesn’t love candy and movies?!?

There you have it, some way easy and quick ideas for your Valentine’s gifts.

Happy crafting!!



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