Our kids’ Valentine’s gifts.


We thought throwing together a “senses” Valentine’s gift would be fun and simple!  If you need a last minute gift idea to throw together this weekend.  This could be done easily!


The “See” can be books or a movie. I thought the Valentine’s versions of books were perfect. I did see walmart had a section of movies with an outer case that was Valentine’s themed that would be fun for this category.


The “taste” is probably the easiest one of all! Throw in whatever you want! Could be candy, drinks, even something more heathly if you choose!


The “hear” section we found these cute lip whistles! I purchased them off Amazon but did see them at Walmart.

Now I see these getting “lost” in the next week though 😉😉


Our “touch” section we found this premade slime at the dollar store! We considered making some homemade version but when this presented itself it was a no brainer. 😁


The “smell” section was a little more difficult….. I found smelly markers on amazon and thought perfect because I did not have any other ideas. However know they also have them at walmart. But hey when you have prime….why go into walmart 😆😆


Then just for fun I added the mailboxes from the dollar store with their Valentine’s themed shirts. I have an obsession with getting shirts for everything 😁 so these are what I found for my boys.

Here’s the link for the tags if you need them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

♡♡Brooke and Brianna


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